Ruminating with purpose

There are hundreds of articles and books that guide you to stop looking back at your past in order to move forward. I’m sure you’ve heard of or encountered at some point in your life someone to tell you that you need to get over your past or certain aspects of it. What does that even mean? Read More

Fear of failure

Fail-Quickly-photo-583x388For someone who fears failure, the thought of failing is unacceptable. I think that a lot of people who struggle with depression also fear failure, especially when they convince themselves that their depression is “fixable”. When you convince yourself that failure is not an option you “fail” to fully grasp the idea that there are lessons to be learned, that there is something to gain in the long run. Read More

The fear of losing your darkness

I’ve had food poisoning last week, and now I have to flu. It’s been tough and I am sorry for being away for a while, but this was a great opportunity for introspection. I started thinking about the way we get attached to our darkness, especially if you’re creative or an artist.

There is something mysterious and attractive about darkness; we are drawn by the darkness in ourselves and others. Read More

Others: the fear that keeps us caged.

Fear of others and fear of self

It seems that everyone I meet fears “others”: what “others” might say, or think, or how they will judge us. I think we’re socialized to have this fear. Not everyone feels it the same way or to the same degree, but most of us experience it. Read More

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