“Walking in my shoes”

Often, you feel so misunderstood or not understood at all. Others might have more ardent issues than you do, and this is not a game of comparison “who has it the worst”. Your issues feel like they hurt more, because they are yours and you can feel them. We try to put ourselves in other Read More

A random thought on dealing with emotions

We respond well to emotions, particularly if they’re not ours. We enjoy watching movies, reading books, and listening to music because in them, we can find a familiarity that is removed from the personal. We use escapism when we convince ourselves that it’s easier and more doable to empathize with ourselves if we witness those Read More

Vulnerability in creativity

Creating from a place of vulnerability and raw emotions gives your creative endeavor the main ingredient of connecting with yourself and the ones exposed to your work. Vulnerability is strength and courage, particularly in the creative process, because that’s where we store the hard lessons of life, our failures and mistakes from which we can Read More

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