Anxiety Treatment Resources

This is a small list of books, videos, and articles about anxiety and techniques to deal with anxiety. Please keep in mind that not everything you read and watch will 100% apply to you or your situation. Keep an open mind and take away only want you want and need from these resources.  Best Books Read More

Turn feelings of insecurity into confidence.

A certain amount of insecurity is healthy and helpful. When we feel insecure we question the things we do which, in turn, forces us to look closer at any given situation to analyze and clarify our options in order to move forward.
The problem with insecurities is not that they exist, they do and will, but how they manifest, how you unconsciously integrate them with who you are, and how you allow them to define you. Read More

Dealing with unsupportive partners when you’re a creative

Creative people rely on their affect, talents, and techniques to engage in creative endeavors. A lot of the work you do takes places in solitude, as this is the space where creative ideas have the room to emerge and expand in an uncensored way. You reach deep within into the depths of your consciousness and take risks by plunging into the unknown without much of a guarantee of fame or success. And while creative people have been described as introverted and thinking types (not always the case) able to support themselves in the process of creativity, we’re still social beings and need people around us. We need a good supportive system in place and the people around us (partners, friends, family) to encourage us and be there for us when we need it; and in return, we do the same for them. Read More

How self-insults turn into self-fulfilling prophecies

Words are powerful and words can hurt is the adage we carry with us throughout our lives; how much or whether we really apply it are a different matter. What I want to focus on is that when we choose to follow it we do so when it comes to others and almost never when Read More

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