Key word: Perspective

One of the keystones to cultivating a perspective that brings greater fulfillment and happiness is the attitude of gratitude. By ACTIVELY seeking things to be grateful for and appreciate, we begin to see things from a higher perspective. We see the sacredness and the perfection of life, as it is. That doesn’t mean we can’t Read More

Do you //feel//?

Our feelings are like weather patterns. They are changeable and act on the environment with great power. They inform and distract with their intensity. They reflect the nature of the moment with great accuracy. Our ability to experience and share our feelings in meaningful ways is one of the profound marks of our humanity. Yet Read More

The true meaning of “To Be”

What are core beliefs? How do they end up playing such an important role in who we are and in our lives? How do we get them? Do we have access to them? Are we aware of them? Is it within our power to discard the ones that do not serve us? This topic is Read More

Finding yourself

I recently came across an article I would like to share with you all.  At its core, it truly represents the foundation upon which I build my psychotherapy practice. Enjoy.   Your most important assignment on earth is to excavate the caverns of your inner self to uncover the jewels of your own self. Self-transformation Read More

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