Finding yourself

I recently came across an article I would like to share with you all.  At its core, it truly represents the foundation upon which I build my psychotherapy practice. Enjoy.


Your most important assignment on earth is to excavate the caverns of your inner self to uncover the jewels of your own self. Self-transformation is a process that can be self-initiated and self-guided. It is often helpful to have a guide to help you bring to light what is hidden in your subconscious programming.
To make lasting change, embrace everything and see the challenges, failures, and limiting beliefs as diamonds in the rough. The things that you wish you didn’t have to deal with are part of your humanity and actually help you to become who you want. Thank yourself  for what you have in your life (good and not-so-good), as it certainly serves your  evolution. When you can make peace with your life story, and come to understand how you actually chose all of it, you begin to take 100% responsibility for knowing and honoring yourself in a way that accelerates your path of unfoldment.
You have unlimited realities—and you form your reality by each thought you think, emotion you feel, belief you construct, and choice you make. To live your life on purpose, you need to balance yourself—the light and the dark, the physical and metaphysical, masculine and feminine, and your level of creating and allowing. The ego part of you declares I create it all. The essence part of you knows I allow it all. Contrary to common myth, the ego is not the bad monster many people make it out to be. It is there to keep you safe, to help you discern what you want from what you don’t want, and to distinguish who you are from everyone else. I have never met anyone who does not have an ego—they just express it differently, based on each person’s level of consciousness. To be fulfilled, promote yourselfl to be the captain of your ship and demote your ego, to first mate. When you allow yourself to be your guide, and your ego learns that it will get its needs met, then you start flowing downstream effortlessly and gracefully.
Life is about learning, and through the friction process, which we know as learning, we grow.  Human beings exist to make meaning, and so are you. We take experiences from our life and consciously or not assign meaning to it. No two people assign the same meaning to a similar event. For one person a divorce can be the most devastating experience and for another, a catalyst for personal growth.
A first step is acknowledging that there is something (thought, feeling, or belief) that hinders your happiness, success, and fulfillment. Core beliefs are those beliefs that we experience as coming “true” time and time again. They are often formed in childhood and could be seen as “wounds.”Core beliefs are what “drive us” to think, feel, and act the way we do. Many times, it is not the highest reflection of who we are. However, they are not to be condemned as bad, rather seen as the soil from which we are to grow ourselves.


Note: Unfortunately, I was unable to find the author of this writing.