School Transitions in Denver

Denver is an exciting city, especially for the past few years since it’s been growing and flourishing. Moving to Denver and transitioning from high school to college can really take their toll on your emotions.

School transitions are typically stressful- maybe as stressful as they are exciting, and for a lot of people they tend to bring out a lot of negative emotions: fear, confusion, loss of identity, exacerbated levels of anxiety and in more extreme cases, temporary shifts in personality or personality changes.

School transitions are a rite of passage for many of us. Throughout your life, you may have heard a lot of stories about going to college and did your best to prepare yourself for this scary and extraordinary adventure. You may have tried to calm your anxiety by learning more about Denver, your new home for the next few years; you may have talked to people about it in order to gain more confidence and make sure that you are ready.

Depending on where you come from, what you’ve been exposed to and other experiences, your perceptions of Denver will differ and your transition will be impacted accordingly.

Moving, in itself, may be a first for you and this might also be the first time when you have been apart from your family for an extended period of time. The first few days may have been exciting but afterwards, reality sets in and you realize how alone you feel, how everything is unfamiliar, and everything you know is being replaced with pure confusion. You might start feeling anxious and depressed as your confidence-in-yourself levels begin to drop.

Get some support!

If you’re dealing with a tough school transition and need help finding your grounding and direction as well as finding yourself, consider talking to a therapist. There are many great therapists in Denver, who can help you gain your confidence back and get a smoother school transition in Denver.

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I have a lot of insight into how transitions work and how you can integrate them within your life and personality so that they are no longer an issue.

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