I believe that you hold all the answers, whether you know it or not…and most often not! We all have an Unconscious and with it an internal drive toward’ discovery and exploration. It holds the keys to our ambivalence and stuckness and to the ways in which we continually get in our own way and hold ourselves back. I will help you discover this place in yourself so that you can better understand and tolerate the parts you dislike in yourself. This process and form of treatment take time and patience and the results are lasting since the changes that occur are structural to the person. Here’s a sketch of what that looks like:


You are the direct result of your life’s experiences. You and I will focus on where you are now, how you got here, what worked and didn’t, and really, begin exploring the root causes of your problems. We’ll talk about your values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, sexuality, and dreams…basically, everything that makes you, You. We will meet often, at least three times a week which will give us the opportunity to explore the functionality of why you do what you do and the inherent patterns in your relationships.


Your perception of the world is shaped by your past experiences; in particular, by the emotional charge that potentially traumatic events have carried throughout your life. We will seek to understand how unconscious expressions of those emotional charges manifested through actions have led you to where you are now. The proverbial “A-HA!” moments tend to occur here.


With a clear understanding of where your problems stem from and the processing of whatever emotions may arise, you will have the chance to resolve the inner conflicts that have left you stuck, lost, and confused.