Diana’s favorite qualities in people

Since you asked, here are some of my favorite qualities of the people I work with. Take a look and see if you can find yourself on the list:


  • Bright people who are able to recognize a problem when they see one (believe it or not, this is half the battle)


  •  Courageous people:

    1. willing to confront their fears;

    2. who put themselves first, while understanding that the only way to help others is by first helping themselves;

    3. who are sick and tired of going in circles and who take risks because they realize that whatever it is they have been doing is no longer working;

    4. who open themselves to new possibilities and perspectives of seeing the world;

    5. who are not afraid to test and challenge their therapist and are willing to bring anything and everything to their therapy session –no matter how terrible those things might seem.


  • People curious about themselves, willing to explore and discover themselves in an honest manner.


  • Resilient and determined people willing to take responsibility for their choices and their lives rather than accepting to be a victim of their circumstances.


If you found yourself on the list and want to work on yourself, Contact Me.